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The Doctor's BlessingThe Doctor's Blessing

Brides of Amish Country book 2

August 2010
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ISBN: 9780373814916

As a nurse-midwife in Amish country, Amber Bradley helps expectant mothers have their babies safely at home. But when Hope Springs' new doctor arrives, he insists all maternity patients deliver at a hospital. Amber is determined to show Dr. Phillip White that the Amish have a different way of life, one he needs to respect if he expects any patients at all. But even as he becomes more a part of the community, Amber must remember his stay is just temporary. Unless she can convince Phillip he's found the home—and heart—he's always been looking for.


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THE DOCTOR’S BLESSING (4) by Patricia Davids: With Dr. Harold out of commission, nurse/midwife Amber Bradley fears the town’s medical clinic may have to close. Though Dr. Phillip White, Harold’s grandson, comes from Hawaii to help, it’s only temporary. Though Phillip and Amber admire one another and are attracted to each, Amber’s vocation may keep them apart, and Phillip’s refusal to accept her work may destroy his grandfather’s practice. This second Brides of Amish Country story gives more insight into the Amish way of life while imparting a lovely romance between two strong-willed, intelligent people.

Reviewed By: Susan Mobley



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"Amber, you won’t believe who’s here!”

The agitated whisper stopped Amber Bradley in her tracks. Halfway through the front door of the Hope Springs Medical Clinic, she looked around the small waiting room. The only occupant was her wide-eyed receptionist standing at her desk with one finger pressed to her lips.

Amber whispered back, "I give up, Wilma. Who’s here?"

The tiny, sixty-something woman glanced toward the hallway leading to the offices and exam rooms, then hurried around the corner of her desk wringing her hands. "Dr. Phillip White."

Oh, no. Amber turned and closed the door with deliberate slowness. So the ax was going to fall on their small-town clinic in spite of everyone’s prayers. What would they do now? What would happen to their patients? Her heart sank at the prospect.

Please, dear Lord, don’t let this happen.

Composing herself, she turned to face Wilma. “What did he say? Is Harold worse?”

“He said Harold is the reason he needs to meet with us, but he wanted to wait until you were here before going into details.”

Dr. Harold White was the only doctor in the predominately Amish community of Hope Springs, Ohio. Four weeks earlier, he’d taken his first vacation in more than twenty years to visit his grandson, Phillip, in Honolulu. While there, a serious accident landed the seventy-five-year-old man in intensive care.

Wilma leaned close. “What do you think he’s doing here?"

"I have no idea."

“You think he's here to close the office, don’t you?"

Amber couldn’t come up with another reason that made more sense. Harold’s only relative had come to close the clinic and inform them that Harold wouldn’t be returning.

At least, he was kind enough to come in person instead of delivering the news over the phone.

Amber had been expecting something like this since she’d learned the extent of Harold’s injuries. Chances were slim a man his age could make a full recovery after suffering a broken leg, a fractured skull and surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain. Still, Harold hadn’t given up hope that he’d be back, so neither would she.

Summoning a smile for her co-worker, Amber laid a hand on Wilma’s shoulder. "When I spoke to Harold last night. He assured me the clinic would stay open."

"For now.” The deep male voice came from behind them.

Wilma squeaked as she spun around. Amber had a better grip on her emotions. Wilma hurried away to the safety of her oak desk in the corner leaving Amber to face the newcomer alone. She surveyed Harold’s grandson with interest.

Dr. Phillip White was taller than she had expected. Six foot at least, if not a shade taller. His light brown hair, streaked with sun-bleached highlights, curled slightly where it touched the collar of his blue button down shirt. His bronze tan emphasized his bone structure and the startling blue of his eyes.

He was movie star gorgeous. The thought popped into her brain and stuck. She licked her suddenly dry lips. When had she met a man who triggered such intense awareness at first glance? Okay, never.

Rejecting her left-field thoughts as totally irrelevant, Amber tried for a professional smile. Moving forward, she held out her hand. “Welcome to Hope Springs, Dr. White.”

His grip, firm and oddly stirring, made her pulse spike and her breathing quicken. He held her hand a fraction longer than necessary. When he released her, she shoved her hands in the front pockets of her white lab coat, curling her fingers into tight balls.

Striving to appear unruffled, she said, “Your grandfather speaks of you frequently. I never saw him so excited as the day he learned of your existence.”

His expression remained carefully blank. “I’m sure my happiness was equal to his.”

Little warning bells started going off in Amber’s brain. He wasn’t here to make friends.

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